Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night Four (Sean's sleep routine)

Last night went a little better.  Sean fell asleep in record time (7:45pm) he woke up three hours later at 10:48pm.  I was able to nurse him back to sleep and I put him back in his crib at 11:08pm (asleep).  At 2:30am he woke back up and I wasn't able to get him back in his crib, so I slept with him on the couch =/

Thankfully the weekend is here, so James got up with Sean and Shay at 7:00am and let me go back to bed.  I got up 8:45am and it felt so good to get that little bit of extra sleep.  Have to say Sean's mood was great today, he was a happy boy.  He still didn't want to nap, but I was able to get him down for one good nap today.

Since Sean only took one nap today, by 6:00pm he was ready for bed, since it was too early to start his bed time routine I tried to push it as long as I could by playing with him in his room.  By 6:25pm I could put it off anymore so we started, boobie, bath, books, then bed.  We put him in his crib at 6:57pm and by 7:24pm he was asleep.  He put up a little more of a fight today, but I think it's because he was over tried.  

Each day it is getting easier for me to put him in his crib and let him cry, I know it's slowly working.  I have faith that this is going to fix his sleep issues and he finally will learn to self sooth.  Still keep my fingers crossed that he sleeps through the night soon :)


jmcgregor1882 said...

It worked for me as well,So glad he is sleeping for you! I thought I would add how I also got My little one sleeping in his crib, in case any other mommas need ideas to get their little ones to sleep at night. I just have to make sure Jensynn gets a full tummy after his bath, I usually feed him rice cereal, fresh smashed bananas or I even mix them both and then he gets his milk :)and his chompers brushed and I can usually get him to fall asleep on me by rocking him to sleep or patting him, then once he is asleep I put him in his crib. Oh and I use a white noise maker a fan and he has a cloud b dolphine that plays music and has a white noise maker on it that he has slept with since he was a newborn :) he usually sleeps at least 6-8 hours. In case anyone else is having trouble :)

claire_sf said...

I personally agree with the school of thought that letting a baby cry itself to sleep alone in its crib teaches them that even if they are hungry, no one is coming to feed them and they'd better find another way to cope with it...and that some babies will start doing this during the day, too. You run the risk of your baby not getting enough milk. You are also running a very high risk of ruining the attachment you've built up with him so far, and risk problems later! Your son is still an infant...and you are forcing him to self soothe before his time. One of the basic principles of infant development is that a need that is filled in early infancy goes away; whereas a need that is not filled never completely goes away but recurs later in "diseases of attachment", eg discipline issues, anger, and a few more. Is there a reason why you cannot let him decide when to stop co-sleeping? Remember, co-sleeping doesn't just mean in the same bed...have you tried putting the crib in your room?
Please, please have a look at this link, and seriously consider what you are doing!

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