Thursday, February 27, 2014

My weight loss journey

Two years ago I decided I was tried of being fat and unhealthy and wanted to make a change.  It wasn't an easy one.  Here is my story:

Before getting pregnant with my second child I weighed 200 pounds, at 9 months pregnant I weighed 224 pounds.  The largest I have ever been.  With breastfeeding I was able to lose the 24 pounds that I had gain plus another 5 pounds, bring me to 195 pounds.  This is where I started my journey.
I started vlogging on my weight loss on my Youtube channel ShaysMama23 and the support was amazing, and really helped me keep pushing.  

I was amazing with a few changes in my diet (eating more fruits and veggies, less junk food) and Zumba  did to my body. After 8 1/2 months I was able to get down to 166 lbs, losing 29 pounds!!

I hit a few plateaus along my way, having to change my diet and exercise routines.  I started counting calories on Myfitnesspal and a DVD workout system called Turbofire. I was finally able to lose those 6 extra pounds, bring my weight to 160 lbs, with a total of 35 pounds lost.

 Now I am trying to tone and build muscle as I am very happy with my weight at 160 lbs (I should mention that I am 5'11") This week I have joined the gym and started a new kickboxing class where I hope I can make my body lean and mean.  My body is far from perfect but it's mine and I love it.