Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sean's sleep issues

I planned on doing another video about the issues we are having with Sean sleeping, but honestly I couldn't get through the video without crying.  I am so mentally and psychically exhausted, I am at my breaking point.

So to give you a little back ground on Sean's sleeping, He has been an amazing sleeper since day one.  By two weeks old he was only getting up once at night, by 10 weeks he was sleeping through the night.  Of course we would have a few nights that he would get up a few times but it was rare.  Sean's sleeping schedule started getting messed up once he started teething which was at 4 months old, it start off slow he started not sleeping as long as he usually did (getting up at 4:30 instead of 6:00am) by 5 months old he was getting up at least twice and wouldn't go back in his crib, so I would sleep on the couch with him. At 6 months he cut his first tooth and within 5 days of cutting his first tooth, three more came in.  Right then I knew he sleep was messed up because of teething and now that he cut this teeth he was going to go back to sleeping through the night again... Wrong again!  This was only the beginning, as the weeks past it was only getting worse. in desperation I decided to try the cry it out method (CIO)  the controlled one (where you go in and check on them every 3, 5, 10 mins) After 30 mins of him screaming I gave up (one of my many mistakes) I wrote it off saying "it's just not for us."  I then decided that I needed a more constant bed time routine and was hopeful that this way the key to his sleeping issues... again I was wrong!  Now three months later we are still dealing with Sean not sleeping through the night and it's only gotten worse.  I get him to sleep at 7:30 or 8pm and by 10:30 - 11pm he is up again, I usually can't get him back to bed unless I lay with him on the couch.  So from this point we sleep on the couch together (if you are wondering why not put him in my bed, for some reason he does not like to sleep in my bed, I can only get him back to sleep on the couch) It is very uncomfortable sleeping with him, he tosses and turns all night and starts to cry because he wants more room to move so I lay him at one end of the couch and put my leg up by him so he won't roll off and i attempt to sleep on the other end.  He is good like that for maybe an hour but then he wants to nurse so I can to switch positions once again.  This goes on all night and neither one of us gets much rest.  My only break is on the weekends when my husband is home and will get up with him in the morning (6 or 7 am) and let me go back to bed. Since Sean still won't take a bottle, i only get 1 to 1 1/2 hours of extra sleep. Not only has this effected Sean's sleep, it has also effected his mood during the day. He is so much more fussier and grumpy. I miss my happy little boy who slept through the night!!

The underline problem is Sean does not know how to self sooth, he has always been nursed to sleep and because of that he's never learnt to put himself to sleep.  So today out of frustration and hopelessness I looked up every book on sleep methods and I came across "Sleeping through the night: How infants, toddlers, and their parents can get a good night's sleep" by Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D. It had great reviews so I went online to see if any of my local libraries had it, and I was in luck.  I started reading this book as soon as I got home and I have read half of it.  I love how the book is written, it's very educational but not preach and has stories of other parents that have had sleep issues with their kids.   to do a very quick over view of the book, it basically states that you have to set up a bed time routine and put you child to bed sleepy but awake (which is the hard part) and doing a controlled CIO. This is what we decided out bed time routine will look like:
Start at 7:00pm
-Give him a bath
-Nurse him (but not to sleep)
-Go in his room and read a few books and have cuddle time
-Then bed
The four B's - Bath, Boobie, Books, and Bed

Tonight was the first night, at 7:38pm we put him in his crib and after screaming and crying he finally feel asleep at 9:06pm. We checked on him at least every 5 minutes until he fell asleep. It was so hard to hear him cry back there but I had to stick with it.  I'm pretty sure he will get up at some point tonight, according to the book I should do what we always do, which is nurse him back to bed.  After a week or so the night time wakings soon stop.  I will be doing another blog update as we going along and I will be sure to keep everyone updated on Sean progress. I also hope to do a video once I am a little more rested and not so emotional.  Please keep your fingers crossed this works :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Making Mama's Milk & More Cookies Review/Giveaway

Making Mamas Milk & More is a company that makes lactation cookies to help breastfeeding mother boost their milk supply!  I was extremely happy when I was contacted to do this review, As you all know I am currently breastfeeding my son Sean and even though I don't have supply issues I want to start pumping and freezing my milk.  Theses cookies truly boosted my supply within 2 days, I was amazed!! 

 As soon as I received the cookies, I had to try them.  I was sent a bag of oatmeal chocolate chip and a bag of the vegan oatmeal chocolate chip.  I could not taste a difference between the vegan and non vegan, they were both delicious!  I started off eat three cookie for two days, then two cookies for two days, then one cookie a day.  By day two I had noticed my breast were filling up quick and at one point were so full I HAD to pump to.  I haven't felt that engorged (in the middle of the afternoon) since my milk came in.

The cookies are organic, 100% dairy free, and are delivered to your house fresh.  The ingredients in the lactation cookies are Fenugreek, Flax seed, Brewers yeast, Whole rolled oats, and whole wheat flour. 
These cookies are amazing and really did help boost my milk supply.  I high recommend these to all breastfeeding mothers :)

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Cosmo VoxBox

I was thrilled when I was picked to receive a Fall Cosmo VoxBox 
I was even more thrilled when I opened it and saw what I got 
I have tried Proactiv a few years ago and liked it but my skin was never bad enough to keep using it.  Well a few days before i received my VoxBox my skin decided to break out, and I mean break out.  I don't think I have had this many pimples since middle school.  It was like a god send I received this, I didn't waste any time and used it right away!  With in 5 days I have noticed a big differences, I still have a few pimples but not as many.  The thing i like the best has to be the smell and how it drys out my skin, I have oily skin and I have noticed since i started using this my skin is less oily. The negatives are the price ($19.95 for a 30 day supply) and that it bleaches fabrics (in my case my pillow case) but the reason it does so is because of the benzoyl peroxide (which my face washes have) 
I have to say this body wash smells amazing!! It a light flower scent with a hint of coconut!  It leaves your skin soft and refreshed!  I love that this body wash contains vitamins (A, B3, B5,C, and E) but again it's the price I don't like, I feel $9.99 is a lot for body wash. 
I have never tried the Venus razor before, so I was super excited to see it in my VoxBox. I use the intuition razorand i love it, so excited to see if the Venus was better.  In my opinion I like my razor, but the Venus did it's job well. I like the shave gel bars and i think they do last longer than my razors soap bars so that's a plus. Another plus is I always receive coupons for the Venus in my Sunday paper so switching to this razor will save me money.  I'm still undecided if i will switch but I happy I was able to try this razor out!

Overall I like this products, they all work well, it just the prices I don't care for, but that's coming from a mom of two with a budget :)

I would like to thank Influenster for allowing to receive this VoxBox and I hope to be chosen again to review another one!

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Undercover Mama Review/Giveaway

I just want to start off by saying how much I love this shirt!  This shirt is amazing, it turns any nursing bra into a nursing tank top.  If you are a nursing mother you know how expensive nursing bras, tank, and shirts are.  This is an affordable way to covert a nursing bra to a nursing tank to wear under you normal clothes. The best part (besides saving money) is it allows you to nurse your baby without showing you tummy.  I don't know about you but my tummy is not something I want to show off to the whole world, and this undercover allows me to nurse and not feel self conscience about people seeing my belly.   
The undercover mama is so simple to use and works with any nursing bra.  In the picture above you can see the attachment options.  In a matter of seconds you can covert your nursing bra to a nursing tank top. The undercover mama retails for $24.99 and in my opinion worth every penny!

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