Friday, October 28, 2011

Boudreaux's Butt Paste products Review/Giveaway

I'm sure you have all heard of the diaper cream call 'Butt Paste' the name has always made me laugh.  For my baby shower I received a tube of the original butt paste and I fell in love with it.  I love the creams texture and the smell. I recently ran out of  so I was looking into getting some more when I found that they have a whole line of butt paste products.  Blairex Laboratories were kind enough to send me all of these products to review.

I will start with the diaper rash creams. Sean rarely gets diaper rash but this week he had a food allergy and his bottom broke out, I figured this was the prefect time to try out these products. Like I said before I have already used to the original and loved it so I was very interested in the All natural (green one)  this cream is made of natural ingredients (aloe vera, beeswax, carnauba wax - to name a few)  that helps treat and protect your baby from diaper rash.  The cream is not as thick as the original, it's white (appose to a cream color) and has no smell. I like that it's made up of natural ingredients but I like the originals thickness and smell is better.   Next I tried the Maximum strength butt paste (The red one), and this may be my new favorite.  It is as thick the original, smells the same, and does the trick.  Two days after I started used the maximum strength, Sean's rash was gone. 
Next I tried the Rash protector spray.  This is for daily used to help prevent diaper rash, it's a stray that goes on clear and helps seal out wetness.  I personally did not like this spray, it didn't seem to help with his diaper rash, and I didn't like how fast the spray came out.  I wouldn't buy this product, I would just stick to the creams.
This was the first thing I tried out of all the products and I tried in on myself because my lips were chapped. Baby kisses is a infant and kids lip and creek moisturizer.  It comes out very thick so you don't need much and it goes on so smooth.  This product is going to be prefect for the dry winter months. I absolutely love it!
Now to my favorite product, Boudreaux's Butt Bath. This is a moisturizing body wash and shampoo that restores moisture to delicate skin.  It is tear free, PH-balanced, Non-irritating, and smells GREAT.  It has a light citrus smell that i love!  Sean has very dry skin (or does Shay) and this product does not dry him out.  I bathed Sean every night (for 5 days) and he's skin never dried out.  When using all bath washes I can only bath Sean every other day, so this product is great!! Out of all the products this one is a MUST have.

Overall I don't have anything bad to say about the products, I liked some more than others, but all in all they are amazing products. I highly recommend you check out the Boudreaux's  Butt Paste products

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I am not responsible if items are not received

FTC: These items were sent to me for free to review, I am not being paid, and my opinions are my own

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boogie Wipes Review/Giveaway

Boogie wipes are extra soft hypoallergenic wipes that dissolve mucus caused by the common cold and allergies. These wipes are amazing!!!  They are super soft and just damp enough to remove those painful sticky boogers that you get around your nose.  My kids and I have horrible Fall allergies and these wipes are prefect for getting those stuck on boogies off. These wipes are alcohol free so no burning when used on dry chapped skin and are much gentler than a dry tissue.  

The two scents of boogie wipes I was sent were fresh and grape.  My favorite is the fresh, it has such a clean smell and it reminds me of a perfume a friend of mine wears.  The grape smells just like grape, I'm not the biggest fan of grape, but my daughter Shay loved the smell.   
I was also sent a few samples of their new product saline soothers. I had a cold last week and I figured it was the prefect time to try on of these wipes out, I used the cool menthol scent, and I love it.  Just like the boogie wipes, they are super soft and the burst of menthol felt good on my stuffy nose. 

Overall I am very happy with all the products and these wipes will be a must have during allergy and cold season.

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Boogie wipes will be mailing the winner directly, I am not responsible if items are not received 

FTC: These products were sent to me for free to review, I am NOT being paid for this review, My opinions are my own :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Real Kids Shades Review/Giveaway

Real Kids Shades is a company that offers sunglasses designed just for kids.  The sunglasses they offer are not only adorable they are REAL sunglasses, 100% UV protection which means they protect your children's eyes from UVA and UVB rays.  I don't know about you but I really never thought about how dangerous the sun's ray were for my children's eyes.  I always remembered to put sun screen on my kids but forgot about protect my kids eyes.  Sunglasses are not only for summer, children and adults need to wear them year round to protect their eyes.

Real Kid Shades was kind enough to send me 3 pairs of their sunglasses to review.  The first pair are the one's for my son, they are the My first shades (0 to 24 months, in Animal jam blue) These glasses come with a strap that holds the sunglasses in place around his head.  They are very easy to put on and fit him very well. Sean is not a huge fan of the glasses yet, he like to pull them off any chance he gets, but when out walking around with them he gets distracted looking at everything going on and will leave them alone.  I was very excited to use these glasses in the car since it always seems the sun is in his face (despite having sunshades on the windows) I'm hoping he will get use to wear them and stop pulling them off after using them a little more.

The next two pairs of sunglasses were for my daughter Shay, The Flex in Aqua (shown in picture) and the Racer in purple. My daughter absolutely loves both pairs.  Our favorite would have to be the Flex, these glasses are bendable so you don't have to worry about your little one's breaking them.  Not only are these sunglasses flexible they are made with shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, so no worries if your little one drops them.  Another great thing about all the sunglasses are they contain no lead, bisphenol-A or phthalates.  Overall, I am very happy with all the sunglasses, they are super cute and safe for children, doesn't get much better than that. I highly recommend you checking out Real Kid Shades and purchase some cute sunglasses for your kids!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!!
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Giveaway will end Friday October 28th, 2011 at Noon EST and the winner will be announced shortly after.  Real Kid Shades will be sending the winner the product of there choice, I am not responsible if item is not received

These items were sent to me for free to review, I am not being paid, and my opinions are my own :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Online Yard Sale

I am going through all of our clothes and figured I'd see if anyone would be interested in buying some clothes, like on online yard sale. I will have more but here are a few items I am selling :)
Disney Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume XS (4) no stains or holes $15.00 (ppd) or best offer
 Will sell these as a lot or separates. 4 long sleeved shirts (6/6x), 1 long sleeved dress (6x), pair of black legging (6/6x), pair of black dress pants (5) but they are like a size 6. Make offer :)
Washington Redskins overall dress (Reebok/NFL) Worn twice no stains or holes 4T - $10.00 (ppd)
Motherhood Maternity short sleeved sweater (XL) come with matching scarf! Worn once at my baby shower. Very comfy :) $15.00 (ppd)

Please comment down below or email ( if you are interested in any of these items. 
Must be paid via PayPal 

Hope to have more stuff to put on here soon!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Want a chance to Win some TruKid products

TruKid is trying to reach 5,000 Facebook fans by the end of October and they are having an awesome giveaway to help them reach their goal!
To enter it's very easy to do, Head over to TruKid's Facebook page ( and "Like" them! Be sure to tell them ShaysMama23 sent you :) Then tell all you friends to go and "Like" their page also and make sure they tell them you sent them over.  Four people will win this set (in the picture above) for two months and four referrers will will half the set (you choose the 5 items) This is such an awesome giveaway and TruKid's products are AMAZING! I did a review on two of their products a few months back and I am in LOVE their products! I hope you guys head over to their Facebook page and enter, I promise you will love their products if you win!