Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Cosmo VoxBox

I was thrilled when I was picked to receive a Fall Cosmo VoxBox 
I was even more thrilled when I opened it and saw what I got 
I have tried Proactiv a few years ago and liked it but my skin was never bad enough to keep using it.  Well a few days before i received my VoxBox my skin decided to break out, and I mean break out.  I don't think I have had this many pimples since middle school.  It was like a god send I received this, I didn't waste any time and used it right away!  With in 5 days I have noticed a big differences, I still have a few pimples but not as many.  The thing i like the best has to be the smell and how it drys out my skin, I have oily skin and I have noticed since i started using this my skin is less oily. The negatives are the price ($19.95 for a 30 day supply) and that it bleaches fabrics (in my case my pillow case) but the reason it does so is because of the benzoyl peroxide (which my face washes have) 
I have to say this body wash smells amazing!! It a light flower scent with a hint of coconut!  It leaves your skin soft and refreshed!  I love that this body wash contains vitamins (A, B3, B5,C, and E) but again it's the price I don't like, I feel $9.99 is a lot for body wash. 
I have never tried the Venus razor before, so I was super excited to see it in my VoxBox. I use the intuition razorand i love it, so excited to see if the Venus was better.  In my opinion I like my razor, but the Venus did it's job well. I like the shave gel bars and i think they do last longer than my razors soap bars so that's a plus. Another plus is I always receive coupons for the Venus in my Sunday paper so switching to this razor will save me money.  I'm still undecided if i will switch but I happy I was able to try this razor out!

Overall I like this products, they all work well, it just the prices I don't care for, but that's coming from a mom of two with a budget :)

I would like to thank Influenster for allowing to receive this VoxBox and I hope to be chosen again to review another one!

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