Sunday, December 4, 2011

Night Five (Sean's sleep routine)

The sleep training is going pretty good, every night Sean is going down a lot easier.  We are still waiting for him to sleep through the night or at least for a longer stretch.  Last night Sean slept from 7:24pm to 11:45pm.  I was unable to get him back in his crib so I slept with him on the couch once again.  I know it's a habit I need to break but it's so much easier to lay with him on the couch in the middle of the night was I'm so exhausted.

Sean was in such a great mood today and took his two naps.  Overall today was awesome, I LOVE the weekends!  Seems like he's always better when daddy's home.  We started his routine at 7pm and had him in bed by 7:40pm (ten minutes long then usually, but he nursed longer today) by 7:53pm he was asleep.  only 13 minutes of crying, That's a new record!! 

I'm hoping since he doing so well with his sleep training that sleeping through the night will start soon! 
I hope by write about of experience this is helping someone out there who is having similar issues. If you have any advice you would like to share with me or my readers please comment down below.
Thank you to everyone who has already done so :)
 ♥ Love ya guys ♥


Sheree_bee25 said...

So when u you say you are unable to get him back in his crib? how long do u wait before goin into his room when he wakes at 11:45pm? and how long do u try to get him to sleep for at that time? Kylan used to do the exact same thing but wake at 3pm. I would give him a bath, boobies, dinner, wind down time and then bed at around 7pm. In the book that i have it then says to give him at dream feed at 10:30pm before i go to sleep.(if you havnt heard what a dream feed is, it is when u take them out of there crib half asleep and feed them , then place them back down to sleep for the night)I told my Maternal health nurse about it and she said to try not taking him out of his crib at that time and just try to talk to rub him or tap etc. You gotta be tough Rach, cos he knows that u will give in each time at that 11pm time! He has figured out that u don't give in at the 7:30pm time, thats why he going to sleep.. I know what u mean tho with u just giving up and goin to sleep on the couch.. Cos i have been there.. but u need to not give in eventually.. try not taking him out of the crib at all at that 11pm time and just by rubbing his belly or tapping his butt. and not turning the light on when u go in there and just talkin to him softly.. I dont think he is waking cos he is hungry, I believe he just wants you and he knows damn well u will give into him.. Is Sean getting overtired before you put him down for his day naps? I know how hard it can be.. So im not trying to tell u what to do.. just trying to help u out! xoxox Hope this helps a little!

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