Monday, December 5, 2011

Night 6 (Sean's sleep routine)

Last night was another bad night...  
Sean slept from 7:53pm to 10:23pm.  I was determine to get him back to sleep and back in his crib.  That was a  FAIL.  Every time I would put him in his crib he would wake up and start screaming (not crying, screaming bloody murder) To make this short I fought with him for hours and ended up losing the fight at 2am and sleeping with him on the couch.

From what I read in the book, after two weeks of sleep training he should start to sleep through the night!  I am hoping and praying this is true!

On the plus side Sean is falling asleep at night with ease!  Tonight he barely cried.  We put him in bed at 7:31pm and he was asleep by 7:39pm. I couldn't believe it! 
This momma is exhausted so I'm taking my butt to bed early tonight, even though I enjoy spending quality time with the hubster, tonight I'm going to spend quality time with my pillow!
Night Ya'll 


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