Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Many Uses of Ivory

I received a bar of Ivory soap my Mom Vox Box from Influenster to test out and I have to say this may be my favorite product in my box.  I have used Ivory soap before but never knew it could be used for so many different things.  

The first thing I used my soap for was cleaning my make-up brushes.
The ivory soap cleaned my brushes great, no damage and they smell great!

Next I decided to let the kids have some fun!
I cut a small chunk of my bar...
and microwaved it for 1 minute 
It expanded to this whole plate of foam-like stuff.
It was so neat watching this small chuck of soap turn into all this foam.
I let the kids play in it (after it cooled)

They had fun molding and touching the soap

and of course I have used in my my body and face in the shower (no picture of that lol)
I find it dries out my skin a little so I rather use ivory for household stuff then to clean myself.

Other idea's on how to use you soap are:
1. Since Ivory soap is the only soap that floats it prefect for taking camping (to wash your hand or body in a lake or river) 
2. Laundry detergent 
3. Cleaning mirrors
4. scrapping your nails against the bar before gardening, it will prevent dirt from getting stuck under your nails
5. If you sew you can use the bar as a pin cushion 

Find your Ivory now at your nearest retailer, including stores such as Walmart and Target as well as any major grocery, dollar and drug store.  A 10-pack of Ivory bar soap retails for around  $4.49 (bath bar size).

FTC: I receive my bar of ivory soap for free in my Vox Box from Influenster, I am not being paid for this review, my opinions are my own


MommyOf 4Boys said...

thanks for this wonderful post on Ivory soap. I had no idea you could use it for so many things. I also dont like to wash my skin with it as it tends to make my skin feel grimmey.

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